VAUGHT: Bradley embraces opportunity

Kentucky senior guard Ramel Bradley says there will always be tests when a new coach takes over a team like Billy Gillispie has done at UK this year. "Any time there is change there will be tests. Guys might think it is better or not better when the new coach does something. I think coach Gillispie has done a great job at selling us on his system," Bradley said.

Bradley admits there have been times when he was upset with Gillispie.

"Of course, that happens. You want to say, ‘I didn't do that in the past. I don't want to do it now.' Those kind of things are natural. But that is what change is about. You have to accept and embrace the opportunity. I see the opportunity to meet my goals and our team goals this year if I just do what the coaches want," Bradley said.

Could this be a fresh start in some ways for Bradley?

"Yes. With a new coach, you don't know exactly what to expect or do. The way I feel is almost like a freshman. I am learning just like they are," Bradley said.

Could there be less pressure on Bradley with a new coach than there would have been in Tubby Smith had returned?

"I don't know. I am thinking about that. You might have a valid point there, but I think there is pressure both ways. You can't fail under pressure. You just have to put in back of mind and focus on the year," Bradley said.

While some have worried how Bradley and senior Joe Crawford will buy into Gillispie's system, Gillispie insists it won't be a problem. "I agree with him. I definitely do. I want to win games. That is the most important thing," Bradley said.

Bradley says he's still not exactly sure what kind of style and philosophy Gillispie wil use.

"At this point, it doesn't matter. What really matters is us being ready as a team and being ready to win games," Bradley said.

However, he does like the term lead guard that Gillispie prefers over point guard.

"Everybody has their own thing and wants to mix it up. It (lead guard) is a lot better than a point guard. I like that name better. If it is better, give it to me. I don't mind that at all," Bradley said.

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