KENNY WALKER: Crawford key to UK season

It's never easy for seniors to adapt to a new coach, but that's what Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford have to do. I think it might be harder for Crawford to do that because I don't know of a kid that grew up playing basketball in New York like Bradley did that does not have a lot of confidence.

Bradley is confident in anybody's system. He is going to make some mistakes, but as a coach you have to live with the mistakes he is going to make because he is going to play hard and he is going to be confident no matter what. I don't care if he misses 25 shots in a row, he won't lose his confidence. That is just his personality.

I am a little more concerned about Joe. He seemed to turn the corner with Tubby Smith last year and was a little bit more consistent. He gave us a second scoring option, but he was still up and down. Now he has to learn a different system and everything I hear from Gillispie, he is a physically demanding coach and is going to ask a lot of Joe. He is going to put a lot of pressure on Joe and get on him a lot with him being a senior.

I wonder about Joe's ego a little bit and I am hoping he will be able to step up and be a good leader and able to take everything physically that will be thrown at him by the coach. I think Gillispie will really challenge him.

Joe could be the key to the season. You have a guy who only has one shot in the system. You are hoping Joe's attitude is as good as it possibly can be. I told him and Ramel I was in their same position my junior year going from Joe Hall to Eddie Sutton and a lot of guys on that team didn't play well under Joe Hall his last year and Eddie tweaked system and gave guys more confidence that his system was better. You have to give the coaches a chance. If you do, the some good things can happen. I hope that is the mindset Joe, and Ramel, will have.

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