Gillispie reaching out to former players

As Billy Gillispie prepares for his first season at the University of Kentucky he is not only reaching out to former Kentucky players, but is seeking to utilize them in ways his predecessors did not.

So far Billy Gillispie has been great welcoming former players to come around. Anything that I have wanted so far, he has given it to me. He even gave me a couple of tickets to Midnight Madness.

He is always saying, ‘You guys are part of this. I want to bring you guys back and do things for you guys. I want to recognize you guys.'

But at the same time, he wants us to be mentors. He wants us to be around these guys a little bit; maybe help advise them on future endeavors and things they will do in life. Not to say that Tubby Smith was wrong in the way he did things. He took more of an approach that he appreciated the support, but he was going to try and deal with his own situation and not draw on former players. Billy is more willing to take advantage of former players that can help him out.

A lot of guys feel like I do. You don't want to take the limelight off the players that are there right now. Fans are very appreciative of us guys, even ones that have been gone 20 to 25 years. That is just how the program is, but you don't want to take attention away from these players. Some guys don't come around because they feel that way.

But if the coach is going to reach out and make it clear he wants guys around to be part of this, then I think the guys will be more inclined to come around and you will see more around as word gets out that Billy Gillispie wants everybody to come back and be a part of it.

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