VAUGHT: Masthay keeping leg fresher

Junior punter-kicker Tim Masthay has had an up and down career at Kentucky, but has been a positive contributor to UK's 6-2 start this season. He talks about his season in part one of a two-part interview.

Question: How pleased are you with the way your season has gone?

Masthay: "For the most part, I am. You don't want to get satisified or complacent. The guys in front of me are doing a great job and making my job easier."

Question: Why is your leg so much stronger?

Masthay: "I guess it does seem a little odd that I have been so strong, especially on the kickoffs. Really it is just going through the weight room and all the running stuff. I kicked more in the offseason than I had trying to build my leg up more, so that might have had something to do with it.

"I have been able to keep my leg fresher than I have in the past. I think I have just been smarter about reps and sleeping enough and all that sort of stuff. I have taken care of the leg better."

Question: So you learned last year about the value of taking care of yourself during the season?

Masthay: "This year I knew I had to keep my leg fresh. The past couple of years, by midseason my leg felt so dead. Just dead."

Question: Aren't you almost a dinosaur in college football because not many players kick off and punt both any more?

Masthay: "It is really not that bad. The coaches do a great job of limiting the reps and helping me focus on each individual task and don't overwhelm me with stuff."

Question: So do you like doing both?

Masthay: "I really do like both because I feel like it just gets you in the game more. You are more in tune with everything. As much as you can get on the field, that's good."
Stay tuned to Kentucky Sports Report for the conclusion of the two-part interview with Kentucky kicker/punter Tim Masthay on Tuesday.

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