VAUGHT: Tydlacka pushing Masthay

Junior punter-kicker Tim Masthay has had an up and down career at Kentucky, but has been a positive contributor to UK's 6-2 start this season. He talks about his season in part two of a two-part interview.

Question: But even with the kickoff moved back five yards to the 30, how are you still able to put so many kickoffs into the end zone?

Masthay: "Going through fall camp I was hitting them really well. By the time we got to the season, I was pretty excited and pretty confident going in. It has come to fruitition so far. Just try to keep it going?

Question: How has it been going from a player that many used to question to being considered a team strength now?

Masthay: "I hope that is the case and the mindset, especially from my teammates. You just have to try and keep getting better. As soon as I get satisifed, bad things can happen."

Question: Can you be better next year?

Masthay: "I hope so. You just try to get better every week. That is the goal."

Question: How much has it helped having freshman Ryan Tydlacka here to push you this season?

Masthay: "It definitely makes a difference, particularly in fall camp when you are trying to get ready for the season. That is when the competition is really heated. He is going to be a really good punter. Having him push you every day keeps you on your toes and makes you know you have to keep improving."

Question: So the day the season ends, the competition for next year starts all over?

Masthay: "The position is not locked up for next season by any means. It will be back to the drawing boards."

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