SEC Media Days: Lofton praises Miller

KSR's Larry Vaught discusses current Mason County star, and UK commitment, Darius Miller with Tennessee's Chris Lofton. Lofton starred at Mason County prior to becoming a Vol.

No one would have liked to see Mason County senior Darius Miller play his college basketball more at Tennessee than UT senior Chris Lofton, a former Mason standout. However, Lofton isn't about to fault Miller for choosing Kentucky.

"He had to do what was best for him. I always told Darius that Tennessee would love to have him but you have to pick where you want to go and where you will be happy," Lofton said on Wedneday during the Southeastern Conference Media Days in Birmingham. "You really can't give anyone advice in recruiting because you are not in their situation or their shoes. It's you going to college. You have to do what you feel is best for yourself. You have to make that choice yourself, and he picked Kentucky."

Still, Lofton is proud to know Miller will be playing in the SEC and have a chance to continue making a name for Mason County.

"I remember when he was a young kid in middle school. To see him grow into a great player he is, I like that. I am proud of him," Lofton said. "I hope maybe I did have some kind of impact on him. Any time you have someone from your school playing college basketball, you probably look up to him. Now kids will be doing that with him."

How good will Miller be?

"I think he is going to be a great college player. He brings that dimension to the game where he is 6-5, athletic, long and bouncy on defense. Offensively, he can do a lot," Mason said.

Could he possibly be another Lofton?

"He's better than Chris Lofton. You have to realize he is an athlete. He is 6-5, but he can run, jump, shoot and handle the ball. Any time you have that, you have to be great," Lofton said.

Still, Lofton is an All-American and preseason SEC Player of the Player.

"But Chris Lofton doesn't have that ability he has. He is a 6-5 athlete. He plays above the rim. I play below the rim. That makes him way better than me," Lofton said.

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