Stutz to make final visit this weekend

Garrett Stutz, the 6-foot-11, 225 lb. Kansas City, Mo. product, will be making what could be his final visit this weekend. Stutz said that he has no plans to visit other schools after this weekend, at least not at this point.

Garrett Stutz, the 6-foot-11, 225 lb. Kansas City, Mo. product, will be visiting Wichita State this weekend.

Previously scheduled to visit Marquette, Stutz has said the Golden Eagles are no longer a consideration but would not elaborate as to why. Stutz further said that he has no plans to visit other schools after Wichita State, at least not at this point. "At this point I am really down to Kentucky, SMU and Wichita State," Stutz said.

Stutz, nearly 7-foot tall, has flown below the national radar until recently, something his high school coach attributes to several factors, "Garrett transferred to me from a very small Christian school that probably has no more than 40-50 students in its graduating class," said coach Jim Hinrich, of North Kansas City High School, "trying to get attention playing in a tiny school like that just isn't easy."

But there were other factors as well, Hinrich believes, "Garrett shot up 5-6 inches in the last year and a half to two years, so he was 6-foot-5 to 6-foot-6 not all that long ago," Hinrich said, "and he doesn't really have a flashy kind of game. That contributes to some of the low profile as well."

Hinrich describes Stutz as a good offensive team-oriented player that needs to work on his strength and his level of aggressiveness, "Garrett has a lot of solid offensive skills and very good shooting range out to about 19-feet from the basket."

"I think rebounding is an area that I will be working on very hard this year," Stutz said. "I am not a big shot-blocker," he added, "but I was always coached to work hard at altering a shot and keeping the ball in play to get breaks going the other way, so that is what I try to do."

"A lot of kids Garrett's size – all they want to do is block shots into the seats," Hinrich said, "but he is not that kind of player. He will get his fair amount of blocked shots because of his size, but stat sheets won't show how many shots are missed because of his length."

Hinrich says that he believes Garrett Stutz will be a solid contributor at whatever school he chooses to attend even a high profile one like Kentucky, "He wasn't very well known playing for a small high school and one of the smaller AAU Programs," Hinrich said, "but still there was a lot of interest from Marquette, Nebraska and UCONN so a lot of coaches ended up finding him. He developed a lot of his ball handling skills when he was 6-foot-5 or so and that has really helped him. Garrett would still be a very good player if he was still 6-foot-5. There are not too many 7-footers that could say that."

Stutz said that he has a high level of interest in Wichita State and SMU, but says he considers his interest in Kentucky to be a little higher than the other two schools at the moment, "I loved their Big Blue Madness," Stutz said, "I was very impressed with their fan support and their facilities are top notch."

But a problem remains. Kentucky has not yet offered Stutz a scholarship. "It's hard to explain exactly," Stutz said, "They invited me to Big Blue Madness and they have been in contact with me since, but they haven't exactly offered me a scholarship yet."

What did Stutz mean by "exactly."

"I don't know," he said, "it's hard to explain."

Stutz said he would like to make a commitment in November if possible but would not say if he would wait on Kentucky to make an offer, "I just don't know," he said, "that is something I would have to discuss with my parents and really think about."

Garrett says his NBA idol is Dirk Nowitski and models much of his game after him.

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