VAUGHT: Q&A with Lones Seiber

Kicker Lones Seiber is 11-for-14 on field goals and 36-for-39 on extra points this year. More importantly, he has earned coach Rich Brooks' confidence after temporarily landing in the doghouse earlier this year when he missed kicks. He talks about his season in this one-on-one interview with Larry Vaught.

Question: How is to only be asked about making kicks and not have anyone questioning your ability?

Seiber: "It is nice, but I feel people should have known that all along. Obviously I missed a few kicks, but people have to realize kickers will miss one every now and then. Right now I am just on a hot streak."

Question: Is it just part of your position that you almost get noticed more for missing than you do making a kick?

Seiber: "It is part of the job. I accept that and all the responsibilities. I have to just go out ther and try to make my field goals."

Question: How high will that 43-yard field goal in the second overtime against LSU rank on your all-time memory list?

Seiber: "That was a big kick. I remember thinking if I make this kick, it's going to set the season for me. That was something I needed."

Question: How much does making a kick like that help your confidence?

Seiber: "I think it helps tremendously. You are going out there with everyone having your back. It is a big step for your team and the coaches know that in big situation like that you can come through."

Question: Does experience just make you a better kicker?

Seiber: "It is all repetition. Every game I feel you should get better because you have more experience, more film to see what you did wrong in certain situations. As year goes on and next year, should see an increase in performance."

Question: Can your leg get stronger?

Seiber: "I think you can. It is just a matter of how you work out in the offseason. You can always make your leg stronger, but you can also hurt your leg by kicking too much in the offseason. It is just a matter of how you train."

Question: Did freshman Ryan Tydlacka push you and punter Tim Masthay?

Seiber: "You could say that. We both came into the season knowing the jobs were ours to lose. We had a lot of pressure and heard Ryan was going to take our spots. But Ryan fits in well with us. We are all pretty good friends. We don't look at it like that."

Question: How does it feel to know kicking game could be viewed as a big strength of next year's team?

Seiber: "That's the last thing a coach should have to worry about. A coach should always know you have a good kicking game. Kicking games sometimes win games. The next couple of years we should have good special teams. It is a big part of the game. You don't get recognized as much, but we accept that."

Question: Will you ever make a bigger kick than the one you did against LSU?

Seiber: "Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to win the game and when the opportunity comes, I will try to win the game. As of right now, I am happy where I am at."

Question: What is the range where you feel you should make seven out of 10 field goals?

Seiber: "In the situation with LSU's kicker and that 50-yard field goal with all that adrenaline running in you, I think I could have come close like he did. From 55 yards, I would say I should make seven out of 10."

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