VAUGHT: Brian Smith says parents having fun

Mississippi senior guard Brian Smith was sitting by himself at the SEC Media Days when I approached him and asked how his parents were doing in Minnesota.

"They are doing real well. They are both adjusting to Minnesota very well. My mom really likes it. Dad is getting his team ready for this year. I think they are going to have fun up there," said a smiling Smith.

He knows his father, former Kentucky coach Tubby Smith, and mother, Donna, are still adjusting to life away from the Bluegrass.

"It will be hard not seeing him in Kentucky blue. He was there 10 years and was very successful. He will continue that success at Minnesota. I know that. But it is weird seeing him in maroon (at Minnesota)," Smith said. "I will hopefully catch a flight up there for Christmas to see them and my mom is going to come down for more of my games this year, which will be good for both of us."

His older brother, Saul, is now on the Minnesota staff. How is that going?

"I don't know about Saul. He might drive him crazy. I know he can do that, but it seems to be going well," Smith laughed and said.

Won't this at least end the trash talking from other SEC players Smith often heard because of his father?

"I won't be seeing him on the other sideline any more, so I probably won't hear all that stuff this year. It was kind of weird seeing him there and not coaching me when we played Kentucky," Smith said.

He didn't mention to his father that he was coming to SEC Media Days, a huge honor for a walk-on player. "I am going to tell him after I get back. He will be proud of me," Smith said. "It was nice to get to come. I am a senior and trying to be a leader on and off the court. I am grateful to be here. I know it's a big deal to be here. I am a senior now and I have to do more and getting to come here is a big, big honor."

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