VAUGHT: Lyons offers no excuses

Dicky Lyons has never been a player to mince words. So it was no surprise that Lyons offered no excuses for Kentucky's play in Saturday's stunning 31-14 loss to Mississippi State.

"They came to play and we didn't. That wasn't hard to see," Lyons said. "When you turn it over six times, you are going to get beat.

"Nothing comes easy. We should know that. We knew winning the SEC championship would be difficult, but obviously we failed to understand totally what that means. Now we've got to reset our goals and find something else that we can reach."

Lyons says not to doubt Kentucky's will to win.

"We all wanted to win so bad. But you could feel it slipping away and nothing went our way," he said. "We scored and looked good on our first drive. I wasn't worried about our defense. I thought we would wear down their defense, too. But it never happened.

"It was a definite step back for us. It ruins our goal of winning the SEC East. That's over with. It's going to be rough to come back from this, but we have to rise to the occassion. That's what good teams do."

Lyons did credit Mississippi State's coverage for causing UK problems.

"We tried to get open, but it just did not work. They outplayed us," Lyons said. "We would have loved to have (injured receiver) Keenan Burton playing because with him, our offense works twice as good. But that's no excuse. They probably had guys hurting, too."

Lyons was hurting himself. He hurt his elbow on his second catch of the game. He continued to play, but he readily admitted his game was not the same.

"I was not blocking. I hurt our running backs. I chickened out and didn't block at all because I was hurting. I took the easy way out and got my backs and quarterback in trouble. That's my fault," Lyons said. "I'm sorry for that and it will never happen again. I can promise you that."

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