ELDRIDGE: While it is cliche.......

While it is cliché, it does seem just like yesterday that Ramel Bradley was a freshman at Kentucky. Bradley played his first two seasons backing up junior guard Patrick Sparks and fellow freshman Rajon Rondo. Even though his time was limited, there was a certain flair and confidence that Bradley possessed.

Whether he was in the face of future lottery pick, Andrew Bogut, or flashing his famous smile, everyone thought Ramel would be a major contributor during his career at UK. Bradley has gone on to become a fan favorite and a major cog in the Wildcat machine.

Now, as a senior, Bradley will be counted on to be a leader for the younger guys and to be an extension of coach Gillispie, on the floor. "He's doing fantastic," Gillispie said of Bradley. "Ramel will be in a different role this year. He's done a good job trying to lead those guys. He's learning his own role as well," Gillispie finished.

Bradley's role on the team is as a lead guard. A lead guard is a player who can get his team into their offense and also create offense for himself. This is a style that Bradley seems suited for, much like former Texas A&M guard Acie Law, a 2007 lottery pick. The question about Ramel is can he consistently run the offense and not force some of the bad shots he's put up over the last couple of years? Can he lead a team?

"As you get older and you mature, you realize you need everyone," Bradley said. "You have to help guys overcome when you are a leader," he continued. Bradley gave credit to a former Wildcat for teaching him about team leadership. "Chuck Hayes brought it every day. He taught me how to lead," he said.

That is a very unselfish approach to the game. That is also the way you win ball games. Bradley seems determined to end his senior year on a positive note. "This is my last time around. I want to go and win a championship," Bradley said.

The flashy kid from Brooklyn, known as Smooth, seems to have really matured. While Bradley has grown up, there are a few things from his past that will remain. Bradley said he will continue to do the diamond hand gesture, but not for the reasons people may think. "I don't do the ‘Roc' sign for me. It means the dynasty, I do it for Kentucky," Bradley said. "The Roc is a symbol that is used by the greatest rapper of all-time, Jay-Z," he continued. "Kentucky is the greatest basketball program of all time."

Bradley would like to continue the winning tradition that has lead to Kentucky being widely considered the number one all-time program. "We haven't discussed team goals, but we have discussed winning," he said. "We just want to win games for Kentucky," he said. "I want to be remembered as a winner."

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