DENNIS JOHNSON: Q&A with Johnny Williams

Forme Kentucky All-American Dennis Johnson got a chance to sit and talk with Jacksonville, Fla., native Johnny Williams, a starting linebacker and Agriculture Business major. Williams is in his junior year at UK and has made a name for himself this season. Join KSR in this exclusive interview from the former Kentucky All-American.

Question: Why did you come to UK?

Williams: "When I talked to the coaches as I was getting recruited, I listened to what they had to say and thought I could be a part of something special. Last year we got it done. This year, we just have to finish strong."

Question: If you didn't play football what would you be doing?

Williams: "I would probably be going to a college in Florida, studying to be a marine biologist."

Question: What?

Williams: "Yeah, it's a childhood thing I've always been interested in, don't ask me why.

Question: Tell the people what you do when you're not doing the school thing or the football thing?

Williams: I love playing Playstation 3. No one can beat me in Madden! I also like googling species, and drawing. Sometimes I get on Photo Shop on the Internet and mess around and change some of my football pictures.

Question: I bet you didn't know?

Williams: "I like to listen to the rock group Coldplay. I also think I could win American Idol. People tell me I can't sing, but I think I'm a mix between John Legend and R. Kelley."

Question: Best moment at UK besides football?

Williams: Making an A in my Stats 211 class this past summer. It was a four-week class that was the hardest class I have ever taken. I had very little time to study because there was so much material and out of class work to be done in four weeks."

Question: What's up with the hair?

Williams: It's something one of my good friends and I did our sophomore year in high school. We made a bet to see who would cut their hair first. Four and a half years later, the bet is still on. He hasn't cut his hair and we all know mine is not going anywhere."

Question: How do the dreds fill in your helmet?

Williams: They give me a little extra cushion. You need it in the SEC. I can't ever remember the last time I played without my dreds. The only negative is that my helmet sometimes slips down over my nose, which has caused cuts on my nose."

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