VAUGHT: Hartline watching, learning

Kentucky redshirt freshman quarterback Mike Hartline planned to take advantage of UK's open date to watch his brother, Ohio State receiver Brian Hartline, play against Wisconsin on Saturday.

"I talk to him pretty much each week on Sundays after games. He is playing very well," Mike Hartline said. "Aside from what we are doing, watching him and getting to see his games is great. I hope things keep going well and he stays healthy."

Hartline talked a little about his season in this one-on-one interview with Kentucky Sports Report.

Question: How is your season going?

Harline: "Things are going real well for me. During the week, I am good taking reps with the two's (second unit) right behind Andre (Woodson). I am just trying to make sure I am ready for everything. Just taking it week by week and trying to do the right things all the time on the field and to get ready for next year."

Question: Is it different being the No. 2 quarterback versus working with the scout team like you did last year?

Hartline: "You pick up a bunch more. You learn as much as you can in the film room, but when you come out on the field you learn things a lot faster. You are aware of what is going on and what game plans are being put together. On the scout team, you are not really allowed to think. You just do what the defensive coaches tell you and go from there. On the other side here, it is completely different and you have a chance to get better. The scout team, you don't really have anything to do except what they tell you to do. On offense, here you know what you are looking for and what we are doing."

Question: Can you pick up things in practice just watching Woodson?

Hartline: "You sure can. Just things like what he says and what coach Sanders says will help you. You pick up things a lot quicker. You get a mindset of what things you are looking for each week and the game plan you are trying to draw up. That's what you look for. Everything else you can pretty much throw to the wind unless the coach says you have to do this or do that. It is a definitely a time where you try to learn. It helps a lot more to become a better player than being on the scout team."

Question: Would this be in keeping with your expected timeline to redshirt, back up Woodson and then compete for the starting job as a sophomore?

Hartline: "You never want to plan on anything, but if this were my plan when I came here, it definitely is going my way. I like being behind him and seeing what he is doing. He is one of the premier quarterbacks, if the not the best, in college football right now. It is good to be behind him and watch him focus and see how he does things. You can see how he talks to coaches. To relate to that kind of mind he has is only going to make you a better player. I am very glad to be behind him right now."

Question: Will there be enough offensive weapons here next year for the starting quarterback to succeed considering the players that will be graduating off the offensive unit?

Hartline: "I think we will have skill. We will be a young team again. We still have most of our offensive line coming back, so we like that. Dicky (Lyons) will probably be with us and be a veteran. We still have more skill. (Derrick) Locke has shown what he can do. He's going to be a great running back. We have a lot of depth at running back. We are working with some freshman receivers that have pretty good talent. It's one of those things where you are going to play young guys, but we are not going to be in a hurry. I am just more concerned with what I have to do to get on that premier level that Andre is on and we are going to work on that a bunch in the offseason."

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