WALKER: UK must compensate for lack of size

My biggest concern about Kentucky after watching the two exhibition games would be if UK had to go against a big, strong, physical team with a great inside presence. Patrick Patterson is playing well, but he's only a freshman and it's tough to be an enforcer and have the type of toughness that I think we will need against Louisville, North Carolina and SEC teams. So that is a concern.

But it does seem like Kentucky is going to be willing to play pressure defense and take the fight to teams. That is something we didn't do last year when we made adjustments to other teams but didn't make them adjust to us. When we go up against bigger teams, hopefully we will make them play to our tempo and our style instead of the other way around.

It somewhat surprised me that Jared Carter and Mike Williams did not play except for Carter's one minute in the exhibition games. These games are important from a teaching aspect, but not in terms of wins and losses. You are looking at different combinations and you might wonder why not give those guys a shot.

In Carter's case, he seems to be so far behind conditioning-wise and just trying to catch up. I think what Gillispie is trying to do is develop chemistry. Some point in time, he will have to give one of those guys some looks, but right now he seems willing to try and develop chemistry among the best players he has on the team. He knows he will need those guys sooner.

Hopefully Carter will get healthy. Williams, he is the wild card. He is a freshman that is somewhat of a project and evidently he has a long way to go. It is very interesting to see what is going to happen with the man in the middle if there is a man in the middle.

It might be like my senior year when you have to play with two forwards and three guards. That might be the best bet.

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