WALKER: Cats need Stevenson to perform

Former Kentucky All American Kenny "Sky" Walker continues to discuss Kentucky's think frontcourt. The frontcourt discussion today focuses on the thinnest of the frontcourt players, Perry Stevenson. Sky gives his opinon on what Stevenson needs to do to make the best of his lack of size.

I am not sure Kentucky could survive with four guards starting on a consistent basis if coach Gillispie was forced to do that. It would probably have to be the best motivation job here since Rick Pitino had The Unforgettables to get the confidence level to point where guys could believe they could win that way.

I like the idea of two forwards and three guards, but there might be times that Gillispie doesn't have any choice but to play four guards. If you do that, you better be very fast and tenacious on defense, create a lot of turnovers and get into an up tempo game because you stand the chance of getting pounded on the boards pretty good.

Perry Stevenson is a guy UK needs to go along with Patrick Patterson. I don't think he is a guy you can run your low-post offense through, but he is a guy can still get in double figures just from running the court, getting putbacks, getting fast break points. But he's got to be committed to doing that.

Right now Perry's conditioning isn't good, and he is a thin guy. He is going to get pushed around a lot, but he can learn to play that way. He needs to be like a Tayshaun Prince, who was a thin guy who didn't get into physical confrontations a lot. He relied on his speed, quickness and finesse game. I think Perry could probably take a page out of Tayshaun's book in terms of playing thin and be much better off for it.

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