VAUGHT: Burton backs Woodson

How much did Keenan Burton miss Andre Woodson when he was injured and not practicing or playing against Mississippi State?

"I missed him a lot. He's like my girlfriend," Burton said.

Immediately, Burton knew that might not have sounded right. But if you know Burton and how much he thinks of his teammates, you realized it was the highest compliment he could have given Woodson.

Remember Burton was a staunch Woodson supporter long before almost anyone else knew how good he could be. Burton would tell anyone willing to listen three or four years ago that Woodson could be special.

Now he doesn't want fans — and especially media members — to write off Woodson because of UK's loss to Mississippi State.

"He doesn't care at all about the Heisman (Trophy), but I do for him," Burton said. "Missing that for him bothers me. I am going to do all I can in my power to still help him win it now that I can play again.

"I hope the media doesn't just look at one game and let that determine what kind of season they believe Andre Woodson had. His Heisman hopes or future should not be judged on one game, especially when he was missing guys and had other guys around him hurt."

You have to admire that type of loyalty. You also have to believe that one-for-all attitude is why this Kentucky team won't let this season slip away by losing at Vanderbilt.

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