VAUGHT: Porter knows he must execute

Michael Porter understands that an injury to Derrick Jasper has given him an opportunity to prove to coach Billy Gillispie that he can be an adequate backup for point guard Ramel Bradley.

Porter seems to have the intangible assets that Gillispie wants. He plays hard. He knows the game. He's not afraid to be physical. He's unselfish. But Porter also understands he has to execute.

"I don't think I have played that well so far," said Porter. "I can run the team a lot better than what I have shown.

"I didn't get to practice that much early because of my concussion, but I still got to watch and see what we were doing. I should be leading better and doing more things well than what I have been. But the one thing I think I can always do is go all-out. That's something I should be able to to every play and I take great pride in that."

Porter says Gillispie probably has "about 10" set plays in the offense now. He knows more are coming, but he says its important to know exactly what each play requires.

"If you are going to lead the team, you have to know what you are doing," he said.

Porter likes the way Bradley and Joe Crawford, UK's other senior, have shown younger players how to handle the transition to a new coach.

"I think they have been handling it real well actually. They have been helping us a lot just to stay positive in hard times. They have been good leaders. They have been really good leaders actually," Porter said. "It probably is harder on them than me adjusting to a new coach. I couldn't tell you why, but you can just sense it. Being with a coach three years and then having a new coach, it is hard on guys like that. But they are doing a great job leading us and showing us what to do."

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