I try to make someone laugh every day- Little

Still in shock after last night's stunning loss in basketball? Former UK football standout Dennis Johnson tries to lighten the mood with his quirky Q&A with Rafael Little.

Kentucky senior running back Rafael Little shares some insights into what he's like off the field as well as some insights into the UK football team in this interview during a break in his preparation for Saturday's game at Vanderbilt.

Question: What is a day like in the life of Rafael Little?

Little: "Waking up and being funny. I try to make someone laugh every day."

Question: Yeah, I heard you were like the funny man on the team?

Little: "It my job to keep the guys loose. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't funny. People expect it out of me."

Question: Toughest coach on the staff?

Little: "You got to go with coach (Rich) Brooks. He tells it how it is. He hasn't changed since he's been here. On the outside, he looks to be a calm person, but he can get real intense. But the funny thing is, when we are winning he is a nicer person."

Question: Do you have any pregame rituals?

Little: "I listen to my iPod. It relaxes me."

Question: What kind of music?

Little: "Some Soldier Boi, (Yaaaaaah) and Lil Wayne. This gets me ready to run the rock for four quarters. For those that don't know these artist, ask your kids. They are both the hottest rappers in the game today."

Question: What about freshman running back Derrick Locke?

Little: "He's a nice dude. While I was hurt, he listened to me, and I respect that. He's got a lot of talent and is going to be a beast in the SEC for years to come."

Question: What's up with you and Vanderbilt? You know I was the Vandy killer back in the day?

Little: "I didn't know you killed them to. For me, it's nothing special. The last two years I just happened to be on my game against them. I hope the same thing happens this year."

Question: What has been the transformation from Little the kid to the man since being at UK?

Little: "I've just matured as the years have went by. Our whole senior class has been through good and bad times, and now I know how to handle situations in my life better."

Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Little: "Chillin' in Hawaii with my two kids, Little Jr. (1) and Jazmone (4), after playing in the pros if I make it."

Question: I hope you plan on taking me and my family?

Little: "Yeah, you can roll, but you have to pay for your own plane tickets. I have to be careful with my money."

Question: Anything else you want the people to know about the MAN or the Myth?

Little: "I use to be like Pele on the soccer field in middle school but I had to give it up for football. I often times talk like Donald Duck on the field. Its crazy."

Question: Is that all the Man and the Myth got? Little: "Ok, people don't know it but when I get done playing football, you will see me on the first edition of Tyra Banks male edition of America's NEXT Top Model!"

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