WALKER: Active Gillispie helps Cats

I have seen a coach that is very active on the sideline and very active in the timeouts when I watch Billy Gillispie. It is a different coaching style from Tubby Smith.

Tubby used to huddle with his assistant coaches during timeouts, talk things over and then go in the huddle. I think Gillispie has more of an idea immediately what he wants to do and everybody is in the huddle. I think they are paying attention to detail more.

I see Gillispie up after almost every free throw yelling at Ramel Bradley especially to make sure everybody knows what they are doing out there. He is a lot more active on the sideline. I think he communicates well with the players.

Personally, I like the way he seems to stop players when he takes them out of a game and tells them what they are doing wrong. Sometimes you can come out and if in the heat of the moment a coach is paying attention to something else and you don't get it explained properly to you about what you didn't do right, then you don't know how to correct it. But if you know that immediately, while you are sitting there watching the game develop you can kind of put yourself in position to maybe not let that mistake happen again.

I really like the way he communicates and think that will help make Kentucky a much better team by March.

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