FRANKLIN: Kentucky can score on Georgia

Former Kentucky offensive coordinator Tony Franklin knows plenty about facing Southeastern Conference defenses. He's now the offensive coordinator at Troy University, which played Arkansas, Florida and Georgia earlier this season. Franklin correctly forecast that UK's offense would be able to score on both Florida and Arkansas.

Even though he says Georgia has a better defense than either Arkansas or Florida, he doesn't think UK should go into Saturday's game in Athens, Ga., feeling overwhelmed.

"I think Kentucky's offense will do well. The matchups are not that bad. We did not match up well up front with Georgia. Kentucky's offensive linemen are far better run blockers than ours, but in the passing stuff they are similar," Franklin said. "Kentucky will learn a lot from our film. They will get some formation advantages."

Troy managed almost 500 yards against Georgia and was in the game going into the fourth quarter before losing 44-34. Troy scored more points on Georgia than Auburn, Florida, Vanderbilt, Tennessee or any other team has this season.

"If Kentucky is healthy, they will score four to six times. If they are not healthy, they will struggle like they did with Mississippi State," Franklin said. "Georgia is better than Florida and Arkansas on defense, and they have some special guys up front. But Kentucky can match up and if they play well, they will score four to six times."

Franklin says Kentucky's defense will face a big test trying to stop Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno, who ran for 196 yards and three touchdowns against Troy.

"Our defense tends to struggle against physical guys that can pound you and run play-action. We had to try and stop the run, and we still couldn't do it," Franklin said. "The quarterback (Matthew Stafford) has a NFL arm. He will put it up. You have to commit to stop the run — and Moreno is pretty special. If you stop the run and get them in third and long, then you are able to do something. Their offensive line is young with two true freshmen starting.

"Georgia is not invincible. I don't think the SEC is that great overall this year. LSU is the most talented because it is so good defensively. Everybody else has flaws, including Kentucky because its defense is not good enough to just shut down people. But Georgia is not that dominant on defense to where Kentucky can't score. If UK's offense plays well and the defense can get some stops, it should be a great game."

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