VAUGHT: Q&A with Gary Porter, Part 2

Gary Porter, the father of Kentucky sophomore guard Michael Porter, made the the trip from California last week to watch his son play. Gary Porter is the coach at Modesto High School where he coached former UK star Chuck Hayes, who now starts for the Houston Rockets. This is the second part of a four-part series with him.

Question: With Derrick Jasper out, won't Michael have even more opportunities to play?

Porter: "I think so. It is a good chance for him to maybe not start all the time, but step in and play and contribute. He said, ‘Dad, if I can just make the other kids step up their game and also step up my game, then I have done my job.' That is a good attitude to have.

Question: How often do you get a chance to come to Lexington to see Michael?

Porter: "I will be back for the North Carolina game. I will fly in on Friday because we don't have a game that weekend. I don't get back for too many. We will come back Jan. 12. Our whole team is going to play Lexington Catholic. We will sneak into the Vanderbilt game, and we are looking forward to that.

"I have two really good players, and a really good team. So that helps get you invited places. Reeves Nelson, a junior, is really a good player. He is 6-7 and I might bring him back for the North Carolina game because you can't explain this environment.

"I came during the Chuck Hayes' days a few times. It is hard to tell anybody what going to a Rupp Arena is like. You people back here, you are a little crazy. But that's good. It is crazy good."

Question: Is Reeves interested in Kentucky?

Porter: "I wouldn't count it out. Obviously, the west coast schools have been on him a long time. I know North Carolina and Duke have been after him pretty hard. With the new (coaching) change, it has been kind of hard for them to spend a lot of time with him, and we understand that.

"I am going to do my part. I am not going to tell him where to go, but I am going to do my part in helping him make the right choice and who he is going to play for. Michael even said himself, ‘If Reeves wants to become really good, this is probably the man he should play for.' That was a good compliment."

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