VAUGHT: Q&A with Gary Porter, Part 4

In part four of Larry Vaught's interview with Gary Porter the Modesto Christian coach discusses his son, Michael. Coach Porter discusses Michael's transitions since arriving at UK. First, came his transition to college athlete, and now the transition to newlywed college athlete.

Gary Porter, the father of Kentucky sophomore guard Michael Porter, made the trip from California last week to watch his son play.

Gary Porter is the coach at Modesto Christian High School where he coached former UK star Chuck Hayes, who now starts for the Houston Rockets.

This is the fourth part of a four-part series with him.

Question: How proud of Michael off the court are you considering he leads a Bible study , which is not easy for a college athlete to always do?

Porter: "I am definitely proud of that. He has been a good boy. He has been a great student. He has been one of my kids who I never had to say to get work done or anything. He always took care of business. He always put time in. He is one of those good kids that you are proud of for what he is doing.

"The transition here was tough on him. When he first got here, people were saying he got to come as a favor to Chuck, or a favor to me from Tubby (Smith). In a way that is good, because it forced him to say he had to do something more.

"He married a great girl (last summer) and has a beautiful, super good wife. He will just enjoy it here, work hard and have a good experience."

Question: Could being married actually help Michael's basketball career?

Porter: "Michael doesn't go out a lot. It was hard for him to sit back at the Lodge when others might be out. It was an adjustment, so being married is good for him. He has basketball at the highest level, he has school and now he has a wife. He had to juggle those for a little while, but now he is starting to get it all balanced just fine."

Question: Is this a girl from back home in California that he married?

Porter: "Bryanna is his high school sweetheart. She visited last year here and he told me last spring, ‘Dad, I just feel like I want to get married, and I want her to be here with me.' So what do you say?

"We talked to Tubby and he said it was fine. Everything worked out. (Kentucky assistant athletics director) Leon Smith helps him a lot as far as being like a big brother thing. It is an adjustment. She is willing to accept him spending time at basketball. She is good about that."

Question: She must be a big sports fan?

Porter: "She went to our school. Her family liked football. She was a great student. She was like valedictorian of the class. She actually was a year ahead of Michael (in school). As a dad, you just say, ‘Michael that was a great choice.'

"She is not going to school right now. She is working and supporting him. She was very good in math and was the smartest girl in school, but her life-long dream is to be a wife and a mother some day. She is here to support him. I have to admire her for that."

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