DENNIS JOHNSON: Q&A with Curtis Pulley

Former Kentucky Mr. Football Curtis Pulley, who has played quarterback and wide receiver for the Cats, has had an entire season to watch. After being redshirted for academic reasons, Pulley has had time to focus on his grades and the details of the offense.

Pulley will be a junior next season and hopes to battle for the staring quarterback job after Andre Woodson's departure. After completing just 14 passes in 2006, Pulley is confident he can be the man under center next season.

Question: First of all, don't be smiling because Hopkinsville beat Mercer County in football. My school was Harrodsburg High.

Pulley: Yeah, even though I haven't really kept up with Hoptown this year, we still would of beat Harrodsburg this year and in years past.

Question: Yeah right. Even thought my family is from Hoptown, we had too many dogs for y'all at Harrodsburg."

Pulley: "We had a lot of ballers, too."

Question: So, what's been up with Curtis Pulley?

Pulley: "Not much, just going to school, studying and football."

Question: How have classes been?

Pulley: "Classes have been going good. I'm making good grades and staying on top of my studying. I know I have to focus on the books this year."

Question: Do you get to practice and work out with the team?

Pulley: "I do everything all the others guys do except play on Saturday. I lift weights, go to meetings and practice."

Question: Has it been hard having to watch on Saturdays?

Pulley: "Man, it was real hard at first because I've never had to sit out. I've always been on the field whether it was in high school or college. It's still tough, but now I've kind of gotten more use to it, but it still doesn't fill good. Practicing with the team is cool, but there is nothing like game day."

Question: Do you go to all the games?

Pulley: "I've been to every home game. I don't travel, but I've watched every away game on TV."

Question: Do you stand on the field at home games?

Pulley: "No, I sit in the stands and watch. It's different."

Question: Do you expect to be the quarterback next year?

Pulley: "Yes, I think I will be. I think if I come out in the spring and play like I've played in the past and play to my potential, then the rest will take care of itself. We have good quarterbacks coming back next year, but I'm confident."

Question: "What has this redshirt year been like?

Pulley: "It has given me a chance to focus on my academics first. It has also given me a chance to sit back and learn the offense in more detail. I've also gotten a chance to work a lot on my quarterback fundamentals. It's been hard not playing, but it's given me a chance to get myself together.

Question: Do you and Andre ever talk about the offense?

Pulley: "We get a chance to talk in meetings. This year I've gotten a chance to pick his brain during film study about different things he's done."

Question: Have you had a chance to talk to Rick (Abren)?

Pulley: "Yes, I talk to Rick and John Logan. They are both playing at Delta State. Rick and I talk about once a week. They are both doing well. Delta State is like 9 -1. They are ranked high going into the playoffs."

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