VAUGHT: Jarmon remembers seniors

Kentucky's senior class plays its final home game on Saturday when the Wildcats try to end their losing skid against Tennessee. Here is what sophomore defensive end Jeremy Jarmon is going to remember about some of those seniors who have helped UK have back-to-back winning seasons.

Andre Woodson: "Probably the best memory I have is this past offseason. He worked so hard this past offseason. Not to say he didn't work hard in the past, but he knew that he needed to display some leadership. This past offseason, he did the little things. He was everywhere. He was doing things on and off the field. His work ethic was greatly improved. He strived to be one of the first guys coming through the line. This is back in February when we were doing conditioning in the indoor complex. I see little things like that when I see a guy pushing himself for the future. He pushed along the younger guys. You saw guys like (Mike) Hartline and (Will) Fidler greatly improve their work ethic and all those young guys have gotten so much better because of how far he gapped out away from those guys and made them close the gap."

Wesley Woodyard: "I have too many memories of Wesley. He is a guy that continues to fire me up every single game. When things weren't going right and a couple of games where there have been some iffy calls, he always comes up to me and says, ‘Don't let this get to you. We have to get it right.' He is so vocal and he means so much to me. I am really going to miss Wesley when he is no longer here."

Jason Leger: "He is just a hard-nose player. I remember the first time I went up against him. He punched me when he was on the offensive line. He used to be on the defensive line with me and I remember he switched over to the offensive line and I still remember the first time I went against him thinking, ‘Wow. This guy is strong.' His hands are so strong that once he gets his hands buried in your pads, and he has such good leverage, that he is hard to get off a block from.

Jacob Tamme: "He is a real laid back guy. If you were sitting down and talking to Tamme, you probably wouldn't even know he was an athlete because he is so laid back. But once you get on that practice field or game field, he just turns that switch on. He is such a fierce competitor. In practice sometimes me and him getting to talking to one another just to push each other. He has become such a better run blocker and route runner that it is incredible to watch him play."

Keenan Burton: "He is just a guy that I have been a fan of since I was in high school. I knew who Keenan was when I was a senior in high school. He is just a guy that has had some unfortunate mishaps with injuries here. He has overcome so much and worked so hard to get back to where he is. He is humble and is a great success story to anybody that has had an injury and has been down. He always keeps a positive attitude and overcomes his injuries."

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