Meeks knows he made a mistake

It's not easy for any of us to admit we made a mistake. But Jodie Meeks knows he made one that he insists he won't make again.

Meeks knew something wasn't right physically with him after UK's second exhibition game. However, he went ahead and played in UK's next two regular-season games before finally telling team trainers and doctors that he was hurt.

That's when a stress fracture in his groin area was detected that will keep him out of action for another four weeks. "I want to come back sooner than that. But there's not a specific game when I know I'll be back. I just want it to be as soon as possible," the sophomore guard said. Meeks says any player has "aches and pains" during the season if he is playing the way he should be.

That's what he thought was wrong with him — and why he didn't make a big deal out of his injury initially.

"I just didn't pay that much attention to it. I thought it would get better, but after the Gardner-Webb game I had to tell the trainers I was hurting," Meeks said. "Until then, I just didn't want to tell the coaches or anybody. I was in pain, but nothing I didn't think I could handle. And I could have still played better against Gardner-Webb than I did."

What a warrior. Even with a stress fracture he felt he could have done more. How many athletes would say that?

Meeks, like most of us, had never heard of a stress fracture in that area until he was told he had one.

"I knew it was painful, but I had no idea it would be something like that. I didn't know what it was. Maybe a bruise or pull. But stress fracture? I had no idea. I just thought I could play through the pain and it would get better," Meeks said.

Instead, he's now sitting and watching his teammates practice and play. However, he's decided to make a positive out of that.

"I am going to be the team's biggest cheerleader and tell teammates my perspective on what I see in practice and games. I can learn a lot myself by just watching," Meeks said.

Does he really believe that or just trying to convince himself of that?

"I do believe that. You've got to stay positive. Otherwise, I won't be ready to contribute when I do get back," Meeks said. "The best thing for me now is to focus on the team, not myself. I haven't had an injury since I broke my arm when I was 7 or 8 playing football. It's frustrating not being able to play, but I am going to do all I can to still help my team."

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