VAUGHT: Crawfords already talking smack

Kentucky senior Joe Crawford will play against his younger brother, Jordan, on Dec. 8 when Kentucky visits Indiana. Jordan Crawford is a freshman who averaged 12 points and 25 minutes per game in Indiana's first five games. Joe Crawford talked about his brother and that upcoming game with KSR.

Question: How often do you get a chance to talk to your brother?

Crawford: "I talk to him every day."

Question: Will the two of you talk smack before the Kentucky-Indiana game?

Crawford: "We talk smack every day about it."

Question: Who is looking more forward to the game?

Crawford: "I think we are both looking forward to it. We are still taking each game one at a time. Every game is a big game for me as a senior. I am still looking at other games before I play him, but he throws it in (about the game) sometimes and we talk smack."

Question: Do you take a certain amount of pride in the way he is playing?

Crawford: "I am so happy for him. It was tough for him in high school. He didn't get to play as much as he wanted and he has been through some tough times. I always knew he was just as good a player as me. He just didn't get the recognition."

Question: So you are not surprised by how he has played even though a lot of other people are?

Crawford: "I am still a little surprised, but I knew he was just as talented as any other freshman. I am just glad to see him playing so well."

Question: Since you also have several freshmen on your team, will you pull them aside and tell them what to expect when big games like those with North Carolina and Indiana get here?

Crawford: "It starts in practice. We are getting better every day and are working toward that. Then you just share what you know about games like that."

Question: Why have you been running at 6 a.m. recently?

Crawford: "I think we have all been through that. I have just been running a little earlier since I have been off my injury. I didn't get a chance to go through boot camp and things like that. I do sprints and sometimes just miles."

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