Kentucky wraps itself up in bowl selection

Tis' the season the season to be interested – intrigued – calculative – cynical – disruptive – and for those that just go with flow, they can be jolly. Can you break that down and explain yourself Mister writer? Glad you asked.

Let's start with the latter first. There‘s a much larger segment of the UK fan base than some skeptics want to admit that have a preference as to which bowl they prefer but will pack their bags and journey where ever the Cats land.

Wherever the Cats land, it will give the seniors another chance to go out on top. No doubt, the Tennessee game will haunt them for a long time but there's continued practice and the preparation to get ready for a bowl game to look forward to and will serve to deplete haunting memories.

All and all, the season had to be viewed as a success, in terms of entertainment value and the final results. It was a team that for the first time ever scored forty or more points in four straight games. It was a team that upset the No.1 team in the nation, which at the time was LSU. This was an accomplishment that hadn't occurred in fifty–two years. This was a team that broke the University of Louisville string of success against the Wildcats. This was a team that was in every game except the Mississippi State game. This was a team that found themselves in the top ten and two different occasions throughout he season. This a team that played two overtime thrillers, one against LSU and the other against Tennessee.

With all of the aforementioned accomplishments, what season ticket holder can say that they didn't receive entertainment value for their money? The just completed regular season and last year's bowl win over Clemson University had to be termed one of the most exciting stretches in University if Kentucky football history. With any luck, the return trip to a bowl for the team could provide another fun time for the team and it's fans.

Which leads me to get in my two cents worth on the value of the bowls to teams. First, it is a reward for the yearlong sacrifices and hard work they players put in to achieve success. Second, the added games of a playoff system would cut into the healing time needed to get ready for the following season. Third, the extra practice time a bowl game provides for the youngster that is being redshirted rather playing games, which the youngster will not get to compete in, is valuable.

And finally, how fun is it sitting around in various and sundry places, using whatever smart minds available and attempting to decipher which bowl game your team might be heading to. This is just a microcosm of the merits of the bowl system as oppose to the playoff system not to mention, there cannot be a change until after the present BCS contract runs out, which is after the 2010 season. So why waste the time?

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