KENNY WALKER: Tempo key at Indiana

Kentucky plays its first road game Saturday at Indiana and that will tell us a lot about this team. You can feed off the adrenaline of the crowd when you play in Rupp Arena, and that's what they did against North Carolina. Obviously, on the road you are not going to get that. They just better be glad that Bobby Knight is not coaching and setting all those back picks.

I played in Bloomington twice. It is a great college atmosphere and a very tough place to play that will give us a great indication of where this team is at. You can say they played great at home for a half against North Carolina, but what will they do in a hostile environment with a very, very young team.

We have a couple of guys that have been in that hostile environment before, but it's going to be really interesting to see how the freshmen and sophomores respond. Those guys have not all played on the road and will have to show they can handle that adversity.

Assembly Hall is not as big as Rupp Arena, but it can feel like it has 23,000 fans against you. I think communication is really hard. When you are at home, the crowd is in your favor and you can communicate better. I think at Indiana when we have the ball and we are trying to get into our offense, that will be a big thing to see if we can overcome the crowd noise and focus on getting good shots because if you throw up bad shots and get them out running, that will be a dangerous thing.

We have to play smart. We have to play like we did in the first half against North Carolina. We ran when we had the opportunities, but mainly we controlled the tempo of the game. If we can control the tempo, we will keep the crowd out of the game and that's going to be very, very important at Indiana.

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