VAUGHT: Legion saga was not that confusing

While it might seem that the Alex Legion saga has been confusing, it really hasn't. No matter whether anyone wanted to believe it or not, there was almost no chance Legion was going to return to the Wildcats after he bailed on UK coach Billy Gillispie and his teammates for a second time.

Anyone can have a change of heart as Legion did after his meeting with Gillispie before UK played North Carolina. The coach took him back only to have Legion decide two days later he was ready to transfer again.

Gillispie seemed to make it perfectly clear to me at his Dec. 6 press conference that Legion was gone when he wished him well. Sure, he did say you never knew what the future might hold, but only when he was pressed about any possibility of Legion returning to UK. But Gillispie never made it sound likely.

As for Legion, he may or may not have inquired about coming back again. Some say he did, other says he didn't. But those close to Gillispie indicated from the start that he would not be back and several players privately indicated that they thought it would be best for the team if he did not come back.

This was not like the Joe Crawford ordeal three years ago. Crawford left the team, went on and quickly knew he wanted to come back.

Teammates, especially Ramel Bradley, lobbied for him to be allowed back. Crawford came back, accepted his punishment and moved on.

Legion wasn't ready to accept what Gillispie demanded. Nothing wrong with that, but it also meant Legion could not stay at Kentucky. Probably the media way overplayed any chance of Legion returning to Kentucky. It's like no one really wanted to believe that Gillispie wasn't going to cave in to Legion's demands and get him to stay.

I don't know Gillispie well and I am still learning how to read the coach. However, I had no trouble understanding a week ago that Legion was gone and I'm just glad others seem to finally have figured that out, too.

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