VAUGHT: Patterson accepts coaching

I don't know whether Kentucky's returning players have fully accepted what coach Billy Gillispie wants them to do or not. Players can say one thing and believe another. Or players can be fully committed, but unable to physically do what the coach wants. However, I do know that freshman Patrick Patterson has had no trouble understanding what Gillispie wants from day one.

He says it is not a complicated equation to decipher.

"I am just trying to do what coach Gillispie wants. I know he is the main guy in charge of the operation. It is either his way or the highway. I am just trying to learn to accept that and come in and do what he wants me to do and try my hardest on the court all the time," Patterson said.

So it's not hard to understand what the coach wants?

"Not at all. The coach is the main guy and he knows what is what. He knows how things are going to be. You just have to buy into what he says and just go with it. To me, that wasn't hard to understand," Patterson said.

It shows. He plays hard and doesn't complain.

He was 8-for-9 against UAB recently. Some players might have complained that they should have had more shots in a game like that. Not Patterson.

"I was just not moving my feet well to get to the ball on offense. The guards are doing a great job of moving the ball on the perimeter. Me and Mark (Coury) are just trying to move our bodies to the right position to get the ball in the post. But the guards are doing their jobs. They did a great job today (against UAB). They found me when I was open in the post," Patterson said. "As far as me getting the ball more, the guards are doing a great job. They are doing the right things for me to get the ball. I just have to move my feet to get there. It's my responsibility to make it easier for them to get me the ball."

Wow. What a refreshing attitude. Here's a star blaming himself for not doing more rather than moping about why he didn't get more shots. Eventually, that attitude is going to become contagious at UK and when it does, then we'll see just how well Gillispie's system really works because then others will understand like Patterson has that what the coach says is what counts.

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