VAUGHT: Brooks likes UK's draft chances

Because of his NFL background, Rich Brooks knows plenty about what teams look for when they make draft picks. It's also why he won't try to predict where any of his current players might go in the 2008 NFL Draft.

"I would say we have five or six guys in the draft category. I think we have several that could probably go on the first day, and one I probably think will go in the first round," Brooks said.

Obviously, quarterback Andre Woodson is the potential first-round pick. After that, it's assumed receiver Keenan Burton, running back Rafael Little, linebacker Wesley Woodyard, tight end Jacob Tamme and even center Eric Scott could be drafted.

"Trying to analyze it and trying to determine how all the scouts will put those guys on their (draft) board, which I have been through on a bunch of occassions, is hard to predict. Some will depend on what they do in workouts either at the (NFL) combine, Senior Bowl, bowl games or Pro Day here. That is all part of the process.

Sometimes those things either move you up quite a bit or move you down more than what you have done on the field, which I have never totally understood myself," Brooks said.

While some may question whether Woodyard can make a roster because he's not as big as most linebackers or as fast as most safeties, Brooks has no doubts about his leading tackler's future.

"I don't think there is any question he will get drafted and I don't think there is any question he will end up playing. He is going to be a valuable guy on special teams and a good weakside linebacker," Brooks said.

What about Tamme, an undersized tight end with great hands and route-running ability?

"On some draft boards, Tamme will be down and may not even be on them. On other draft boards, he will be way up there," Brooks said. "It depends on what you are doing with your offense. If you are looking for a big, physical, on the line tight end, he won't be on that draft board.

It just depends on the systems. He clearly is going to be a factor and I truly believe he will be drafted," Brooks said.

Scott has been the player who has surprised many pro scouts this year. It started when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.87 seconds last spring when he weighed 293 pounds. He moved to center and started every game.

"He has played well in his first year at the position. His upside is great. Obviously, he has the speed and athletic ability and long arms they look for. Then it is just trying to figure out techinque where he has work to do," Brooks said.

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