WALKER: Gillispie sent the right message

Former Kentucky All American Kenny Walker reflects on the departure of Alex Legion, and looks at some of the possible future positive and negative results of the departure.

The Alex Legion situation is something I am still trying to figure out. Initially there were a lot of comments by Alex's mom, she expressed displeasure over some things the coaches were doing. I hated that the situation played out in an open forum. I wish that the situation could have stayed behind closed doors, because had this stayed behind closed doors things could have been worked it out.

The Legions are not the first people to have a problem with a coach about personalities or playing time. I think it was premature for Legion to give up on a college career at Kentucky after six games. I liked the kid, and I thought he was a great player who probably deserved to play more. However, I am not in practice every day, and I don't know his relationship with the coach.

I heard it wasn't about playing time, but was about Billy Gillispie as a person. I guess he has a right to feel that way. I salute the coaches for saying if you don't want to be here then go. You don't need a guy that is wavering back and forth. That can really disrupt your team. If Legion was doing that, then I can certainly see why Billy Gillispie did what he did and I respect him for that.

There is an argument to be made from both sides. You just hope that whatever went on between the Legion family and Coach Gillispie that word doesn't spread that he is a bad guy. That might hurt recruiting at Kentucky; which is about the only bad thing that can happen to Kentucky out of this.

Once all those problems with Billy went public, it draws a line. Whether you like it or not, it sends a message that if you are not going to do it the way we want then we don't want you here. Sometimes you have to take two steps back in order to take a step forward and make a profound statement.

Situations like this one are always going to be debatable, especially with Kentucky basketball. Should Gillispie have kicked Legion off? Should he have kept him? It's a tough decision and coaches have to make those decisions. Gillispie can't waver, if he goes back and forth as a coach, then players and people really start losing confidence in him. Coaches have to make quick, tough decisions, whether people like it or not, and just go with it. I think that is what he has done and we all should move on right now.

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