Woodson discusses FSU defense

Andre Woodson has been watching film of the defense played by the Florida State Seminoles. Woodson discusses his observations with KSR's Larry Vaught.

Andre Woodson has already watched a lot of film on Florida State, but the Kentucky senior quarterback didn't need long to know how talented the Florida State defense was.

"They are just another tough defense that we are going to be facing like many in the SEC were and will be another challenge for us to get in the right situation to execute and get a lot of points on the board. It is going to be a tough game," Woodson said of the upcoming Music City Bowl. "They have played some pretty good offenses in the ACC this season. We really have to get prepared to play a solid game."

Woodson says Florida State's speed in the defensive front reminds him of several SEC teams that gave UK problems.

"Up front they are as fast as any SEC defense we have faced this year. Obviously that will be a challenge for our offensive line to pick up everything. For the most part, it is just similar to other defenses we have seen. We have to do a good job picking up the blitzes, seeing what coverage they are in and get ourselves in good situations to get points on the board to help our defense," Woodson said.

What about the speedy secondary?

"They do have a lot of speed there, too. We have to be very smart about where we go with the football. We can't force it. We have to do what we have done all year. If we are very smart with it and careful with our decisions about where to go with the ball, personally, I think we will be fine," Woodson said.

He's not overly concerned about the long layoff between games because he learned how to handle that last year when UK beat Clemson in the Music City Bowl.

"The biggest challenge is trying to pick up the speed. When you are practicing, a lot of times guys have the tendency to not really go that hard or you don't see full speed every play or you are not used to getting hit," Woodson said. "Then when the real game is going on, the speed is a lot faster, guys are hitting you and decisions speed up a little more.

"Every now and then you can find yourself trying to do too much and making bad decisions and turn the ball over. The biggest thing is to practice like it is a game situation. That way when the game comes around, you are used to it and still comfortable with what you are doing."

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