KENNY WALKER: Cats need a better effort

This season seems to have been filled with drama and you might have to go back to 1989 when Eddie Sutton was coaching his last year here to find a ride this rocky. I know we got off to a 1-4 start after we lost Sam Bowie and Melvin Turpin and that was tough. But we did eventually get to 16-12 and barely made the NCAA Tournament and them made some noise when we got there.

But I don't know if I have seen it this bad with a team learning a new system and a total lack of confidence as it is right now. What can go wrong seems like it has gone wrong for this team from injuries to bad decisions on and off the court.

I played for Rick Pitino (with the New York Knicks) when he was the young Rick Pitino and was an even more demanding guy than he was when he got to Kentucky. We worked very hard in New York and learning his system because it had not been played in the NBA at that time. It was rocky at first, but what got us to buy in was that it was fun and more importantly we began to win games and everybody began to understand their role. But it did take a little time for us to buy in, but it was fun and we started winning.

I am not at practice to watch what Billy Gillispie does, but I am just reading the players' body language as I watch games. I hear about the legendary practices they have, but I am looking to see if they are having fun and seeing that all that hard work is paying off or if they are wondering why they hard work is not showing on the court.

I can take losing, but diving on the floor after loose balls, outworking the other team, having that chip on your shoulder that we are going to work harder than you and win the fans over like The Unforgettables did. That team in Pitino's first year here was less talented than this team. We are looking for that same effort, but we are not getting it. I think you can only say that for whatever reasons, these guys have not totally bought into the system so far.

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