KENNY WALKER: Seniors' mistake disappointing

No matter what the reason, it was extremely disappointing that seniors Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford had to be disciplined and not play the first half against Tennessee Tech. You feel for those guys in one way because they have had their ups and downs and it is a lot to ask in their final year to sacrifice everything that they have built to go out with a bang of glory and now learn a new system.

Obviously, it hasn't gone too well. They probably are frustrated and making some bad decisions on and off the court. Sometimes that happens when you are not focused and not winning like you are accustomed to doing. That can lead to bad decisions.

But what makes it so disappointing to me for these two guys is that they are seniors and they have nowhere else to go. They are not going to be able to transfer out. They have to suck it up and look at rest of the year and say, "I don't have to like coach Gillispie or be in love with him, but I have to do whatever I have to do to get through the season."

Being disciplined and sitting on the bench is not helping the team out and in the long run for whatever future they might have it is not helping them out, either.

With a young team, this could be something to potentially divide the team. Young guys like to follow the coach, but older heads have a great influence on the team. It could be the type thing to divide the team this year. You have to give Gillispie a lot of credit from his standpoint because he is drawing a line of doing it his way or else and he doesn't care who you are. I think that is a great thing to do as long as you can get the wins out of it.

The sad thing is this year I don't know how many wins he is going to be able to get with this team. That compounds the problem because then people will start questioning what he is doing. But the coach can't do everything. Players have to take responsibility for their actions and you just can't have your two seniors doing things that go against what the coach wants and have a very good team.

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