WALKER: Porter needs more help around him

Former Kentucky All American Kenny Walker sees a lot of a former teammate of his in Wildcat sophomore guard Michael Porter. In 1986 Roger Harder orchestrated the offense for the Kentucky Wildcats as the team rolled to a 32-4 record and an Elite Eight finish.

Sophomore guard Michael Porter is in a tough situation this year. From a talent standpoint, he might be a little bit over his head as far as the minutes he is playing; but who are you going to turn to if you don't play him?

I would compare him talent-wise to former Wildcat point guard Roger Harden. Harden is a guy I played with during my four years at Kentucky.

Rpger was pretty shaky at first, playing behind Dirk Minniefield and Dicky Beal, but he was a great competitor kind of like Porter is.

The thing I admired about Roger was that no matter how tough it was, he kept coming back at you. He got the most out of his talent. I can see Michael Porter being that same type of player, based on the effort he gives in games and what he must be doing in practice to earn Billy Gillispie's respect.

Unfortunately for Michael, Roger had better talent around him. That added talent helped him a lot, because the only thing he had to do was get us in offense and get the ball inside or make good outlets. Michael Porter doesn't have the players around him with the same ability, and that makes it hard. The focus is on him to do more and he simply can't do that at this time.

The thing I like about Porter is the football mentality that he brings to the basketball court. Michael is a fighter, a scrapper, he gives you everything he has for every minute he plays. Not every player on this team does that right now.

The unfortunate thing is that Porter is only about a 10- to 12-minute a game guy right now on the right type team with the right talent. Since Kentucky doesn't have that type talent on this team right now, he's asked to play 28 or 30 minutes. When he's out there, he can get overmatched in terms of talent, speed and strength at times; no matter how hard he does play. It's just not fair to him, but give him credit for making the best out of the situation that he possibly can.

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