WALKER: Tennessee team to beat in SEC

Can anybody in the Southeastern Conference beat Tennessee?

Yes, I think they can. I know Tennessee is the preseason pick to win the league, but nobody is going to just hand them the conference championship. They have to go to some tough places and show they can win, especially now that everybody will be shooting for them.

Florida lost a lot of talent, but they will be tough at home. I actually like Kentucky's chances against Tennessee at home because the atmosphere will be great for a big-time upset on national TV. It could happen.

There are good teams in the SEC that could beat Tennessee. John Pelphrey at Arkansas could do it, too.

But you have to go with Tennessee as the favorite. I can't deny that. They have added more pieces to the puzzle. Last year you had Lofton who had some great games and maybe another player or two. Now they have more great players.

People ask what is wrong with Chris Lofton and why is his scoring down this year? It's simple. He has better players around him and doesn't have to do as much this year. He is not taking as many shots. That is a good problem to have and I am not worried about Lofton being there when they need him in big games. He might not be having what is considered a great year yet, but because the other guys are playing well and improving, it's going to make them a dangerous team and NCAA Tournament time and definitely the team to beat in the SEC.

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