VAUGHT: Crawford happy with Gillispie's push

Joe Crawford won't deny what his relationship with Billy Gillispie has been like. However, it's also a bit surprising how he says he has taken to Gillispie's discipline.

"He's definitely been tough on me every day. He is just trying to get me to reach my potential, but he never lets up and I don't think he ever will. He's been tough on me from the day he got here and still is," Crawford said. "But that's fine. I am happy with that. I've never had a coach push me this hard before."

So has this 6-7 start been frustrating?

"We've got to work harder in practice, especially me. Against Louisville, we played well the first half and then let them take it to us. We are not aggressive enough all the time," Crawford said. "At times, it is very frustrating. I feel like we could be so much better. We just give games away.

"Me and Ramel, we have to step up and do more. We can't keep letting games get out of hand and then start scoring and making plays. We all have to fight harder, but me and Ramel especially do."

Maybe a lack of depth is hurting the Cats?

"It's not depth. That's not why we have had trouble early in the second halves of games after the halftime break. Other teams have just played harder and we have not done that at times," Crawford said.

"At times, we play well and have fun. But when you play like we have sometimes, it is not fun or anything close to fun."

Crawford says it would be an excuse to say Gillispie's new system has contributed to UK's record. Instead, he places the blame on the team.

"I know the system. Other guys know the system. We are making strides, but we just make mental mistakes and have too many breakdowns at the wrong time. It's not a case of not knowing what we are supposed to be doing. It's just a case of not doing the right things," Crawford said.

"I have played basketball my whole life. I am not going to lose confidence in myself or my team. But this is definitely not the way me or Ramel wanted to go out our senior year. I don't want to say we are embarrassed, but we sure know we should be a lot better than this."

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