Beating Vandy makes work seem worthwhile

When you have a team that is short on depth and talent, you want to work hard. But how do you keep from wearing them out?

I had injuries at Kentucky and in the NBA and know how hard it is to play injured, especially when you are short-handed. Is this guy crazy and pushing too hard or is he drawing the line that no matter what the talent level you are going to earn your playing time by working hard in practice?

Right or wrong, you have to respect him. When he gets his type of players to buy into the system, it could be a big plus for him. It's hard to tell if his players are tired now or not. I have not been around many guys that go at it as intensely as he does in practice, including game day. He loves to push a team, even with injuries.

Most coaches would back off.

Have I seen it before? No. Can it work? I guess it can because he has done it everywhere he has gone. Maybe these guys didn't believe in that, but maybe in the future guys will more and that is when we will see better results.

With Kentucky struggling and not winning enough in December, it was probably hard for guys to justify in their minds that the work was worth it. That's why the win over Vanderbilt helped so much. The players were struggling with not seeing the results. But hopefully that can change now.

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