VAUGHT: Give Bradley some credit

It's easy to fault Ramel Bradley. He dribbles too much. He makes careless mistakes. He forces shots. He doesn't find open teammates. However, it's not always as easy to give him credit when he deserves it like he does for the role he played in Kentucky's win over Vanderbilt.

Yes, he can be brash, and almost cocky. Yes, he can make you want to hit your head on the wall with some of his decisions.

But listen to what teammate Perry Stevenson had to say about Bradley's play against Vanderbilt.

"I thought Ramel played great. The first half he took two shots and was the best player out there. That's what kind of player Ramel is. He can not take shots and dominate the game or he can take shots as needs to and still dominate. I am just glad he is on my team," Stevenson said.

"He just wants to win. He's not selfish like some people think. If I had to choose anybody on the team to have the ball in their hands with a couple of seconds left in the game, it would definitely be Ramel. He knows what to do and when to do it. He's also not afraid to do it, either."

Even Gillispie is beginning to appreciate what Bradley can do and live with what he can't do.

"Ramel is tough. He always tries. He makes mistakes, but he's not afraid to take the big shot or make the big play," Gillispie said. "I thought Ramel was fantastic (against Vanderbilt). He did not make many defensive mistakes that I can remember and he did what I wanted on offense for the most part."

Bradley said knowing Gillispie had confidence in him was one reason he scored 20 second-half points.

"It makes me confident knowing I have a coach who is confident in me," Bradley said. "He wants the ball in my hands. He trusts me. I know I can make plays for myself or my teammates. I want to make plays for us to win and reward the trust Coach has in me."

So if teammates and Gillispie are fine with Bradley's play, then maybe it's time for everyone to at least try to understand some of the things Bradley does right instead of always looking only for what he does wrong.

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