The Impact Of Danny Trevathan On The Cats

Something new here on Kentucky Sports Report is the breakdown of a football commitment and the "IMPACT" that player will have on the Wildcats football program. We do this from talking to high school coaches and if possible watching the player in person or on tape. Today we'll look at what type of "Impact" Danny Trevathan will have at UK.

When contacted about his star linebacker and the impact he'll have on the Kentucky football program, Leesburg High School head coach Charles Nassar was quick to say "Sudden Impact". Why was the coach so confident about Danny Trevathan?

"Everyone talks about speed. Some kids are just plain fast and other play fast, Danny does both. He's fast and also plays the game fast and that is why he's a special player."

When talking with college coaches they'll always tell you that when a player can play fast they know they've got a keeper. Because of great athletic ability the Wildcats know they've picked up a player known for blitzing and making tackles. This will translate well when he arrives in Lexington to start his Wildcat career.

"We play the 3-3-5 defense here and that allows us to blitz Danny a lot. Because of his physical abilities and football IQ I feel he'll make an immediate impact upon the Kentucky program. The way Danny plays and prepares translates well at the next level. Lots of kids are good, but Danny is good and loves all phases of the game. He loves the weight room, locker room and knows there is more to the game than just game day."

While the coach was quick to give Danny high praise he also knows there are some things the newest member of the Class of 2008 will need to work on.

"Because of the way we played Danny here, he'll need to learn more about coverage and how to drop back when in zone coverage."

When talk switched as to why Kentucky was the right place for Danny, Coach Nassar talked about the move the family made with Danny's mother moving to Akron, Ohio.

"Because of work Danny's mother moved to Ohio. Danny and his father stayed behind so Danny could finish out here. Kentucky is not that far from Akron and makes a good fit for everyone involved."

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