VAUGHT: Martz teaching Woodson

MOBILE -- Former NFL head coach Mike Martz likes what he has seen of Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson during the Senior Bowl workouts so far.

"He is so diligent and so receptive to what we are doing," said Martz, now the quarterbacks coach for the San Francisco 49ers. "The way he has improved over the last couple of days has been pretty remarkable. I am really pleased with his efforts. He has really tuned into everything so well. He is a great student."

Woodson spent much of Tuesday's practice asking Martz questions every chance he got and trying to absorb everything the veteran coach told him.

"You just want to continue to learn as much as you can and he's obviously helping me out with that," Woodson said. "There is stuff you didn't learn at the college level that you can learn now. He's been in the NFL for plenty of years and I am trying to take every second I can to learn more and just really understand what he is thinking and what I can see out there by listening to him."

However, Martz has been impressed by Woodson's willingness to ask questions.

"That's what this is all about and how he learns. We grind them on fundamentals of their position and hopefully when he gets out of here he will be a lot better from a fundamental standpoint and also understand a lot about the offense we run," Martz said. "We are really trying to teach them and he is responding very well. He is real quick with the ball and is not as methodical as he was. He is more confident. The improvement the last two days is outstanding."

Martz thinks Woodson has plenty of NFL-like qualities.

"He has a real strong arm. He is a balanced athlete. He sees things real well," Martz said. "He can absolutely play in this league for a long time."

What about flaws?

"That's all these guys. They are all like that," Martz said.

Woodson has no doubts Martz will have improved his skills by the time the week ends.

"I am continuing to learn the system. It's a new system I have not used before. The routes can be difficult for someone new to learn. The more and more you have a feel for it, the better you perform and that is what is happening for me now. I can tell he's teaching me a lot and showing me things I need to know to play at the next level," Woodson said.

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