VAUGHT: Former Cat likes scouting job

Former University of Kentucky defensive back Champ Kelly is enjoying his new job as a scout for the Denver Broncos where he's in charge of evaluating talent in the northeast.

"I am loving it. I was with Horsemen. I always considered myself a people person and a good evaluator of talent. I was blessed to get a job in the NFL with the Broncos. I started in June. This is my first time at the Senior Bowl but I hope to keep coming back for a lot of years," Kelly said.

"I am doing a little bit of everything and trying to learn the ropes. It is a beautiful job and a great opportunity. We will see where it takes me, but I hope to keep doing this a long time."

Kelly, who still lives in Lexington, says he had to eliminate his UK bias when evaluating talent this week.

"It is a business deal now. We are just looking for the best talent for the Broncos," he said. "I travel all the time. But I am still a Kentucky fan, though.

So what was he looking for this week"

"A lot of guys have been evaluated, but this gives us a second look to clean up some loose ends and talk to some players. It is a good time all-around," Kelly said. "Character is what I look for. It is a big deal for the NFL. You learn from coaches and the players as well. I know what to look for. I played with a lot of good guys and coached a lot of good guys. So you know what to look for and when a player on the field is also good off the field. That's a big deal for me to find out."

Kelly says he's glad to see four UK players here and proud of what the team has done the last two years.

"I feel like we kind of laid a foundation a long time ago. It's good to see guys that were freshmen or just coming in to be successful now," Kelly said. "I would hope it would help recruiting when you see the kind of guys you have playing there that are at the Senior Bowl and what the can do if they work hard. This is a big week for Kentucky and I'm just glad I got to be here to see some of it."

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