DEMAREE: Barber shop talk on Aaron Boyd

Most families never experience the recruiting process of a family member. In the case of the Boyd family that reside in Lexington, they have experienced it twice. "This is the second rodeo," said Glenn Boyd, who runs a barbershop, New Ebony Barber Shop in North Lexington. Boyd is the uncle of former UK quarterback Shane Boyd and his brother, Henry Clay High School star wide receiver Aaron Boyd.

For those of you who are movie buffs, "Barbershop" is a fairly close depiction of said venue. Though Boyd runs a class operation, occasionally the environment slips into that mode. In that culture there are times when Boyd has to act as the ‘goat in the barn.' You see, the goats always keep the horses calm. He has to deal with the many varying opinions on where he should advise his nephew to go to school. And if there's a sense his opinion does not jive with them, Boyd sometimes comes under intense scrutiny by his shop patrons and other associates.

Boyd, being a businessman, how does he perform this delicate balancing act? "I just kind of take everybody's opinion for what it is, their opinion and really don't pay it any attention" Boyd said. "I just try to make sure Aaron, like Shane lands in the best situation for him. I really don't really worry about somebody's own personal interest as far as what school they think he should go to."

How important is the educational opportunity fit into the decision on what school to intend? Boyd said – "That's the biggest thing beyond football. That's one of the things I'm most proud of with Shane that he went over to UK and graduated with a high GPA. That's what you hope for Aaron, too, more so than anything is education because football doesn't last very long. You've got to set yourself up to have something to fall back on."

Most of the Boyd family's heritage is a community within a stone's throw of UK and that played a big part in Shane Boyd's decision. The situations are different with Aaron and Shane Boyd and they are two totally different people, Glenn said. "Shane was a military brat most of his life and lived in four or five different places, so when it came down to UK, he didn't want to leave again like he did most of his life. Aaron has been here (Lexington) most of his young life so it's a little different for him."

Most people that follow recruiting know that the finalists for the services of Aaron Boyd are universities Arkansas, Missouri, Oregon and Kentucky. What is the reason the University of Louisville is not one of the choices? "I don't really know," Glenn Boyd pondered. "I think part of it was coach Petrino leaving – I think that was a big thing. Louisville was one of the first schools that came after him so that was why he was interested at first. Maybe with the struggles they had this past season didn't help them much and probably that was a deciding factor.

Contrary to some people's belief, there is very little tug-o-war among family members. He said everyone is pretty much on the same page.

"They wouldn't mind seeing him go to UK but they would feel the same happiness for him if he chose to go somewhere else. So nobody has told him to go to UK or to go somewhere else.

"As for as the process, even though it gets a little hectic with all of the phone calls, the visits and all that stuff, most parents would want the same thing and you count it all a blessing."

Despite the hectic experience of having three head coaches and four offensive coordinators in his tenure at UK, Shane Boyd finished the 2007 season as the second string quarterback on the NFL's Houston Texan's roster. Though other family members have an opinion, Shane, his mom, and his granny will be most involved in the decision of Aaron Boyd.

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