Demaree: A look at signing day

KSR's Lonny Demaree reflects on Wednesday's signing day and the evolution of football recruiting at Kentucky.

Recruiting is analogous to childbirth - no one ever gives birth to an ugly baby. These recruits are UK's newborn. An enthusiastic Rich Brooks bounded upon the podium to discuss his recruiting class. "So has anybody ever heard of somebody saying that they had a bad class on signing day?" Brooks quipped. In past years, there have been Kentucky coaches who tried to put a shine on a ‘cow patty.' It appears UK's recruiting has progressed beyond the explosive - to steal the coach's words - spin machine.

The Explosive Syndrome
One of the most used terms of the day was ‘Explosive.' During the press conference Brooks used the word explosive a total of eight times in describing the athletic prowess of his signees. He comically used that explosiveness to evade the question of whether the bowl appearances have elevated them into recruiting stalwarts. Brooks was badgered by one media person for a direct answer on how the bowl appearances have helped them as coaches.

Those who ascribe to the star rating system look down the list of Kentucky signees and the benefits they have reaped don't leap off the page. "I think that the bowl game success has clearly helped us recruit, but it doesn't automatically vault you into the upper-echelon of the SEC, because those teams have been going to bowl games and been doing a good job for a very long time," Brooks said.

Late Signing Development
An interesting development for the recruiting buffs was the annual eleventh-hour commitment and signing. Defensive end Collins Ukwu, from La Vergne, Tennessee, was recruited by Arkansas and Ole Miss. Ukwu spurned those schools to commit to Middle Tennessee. UK and Joker Phillips swooped in and offered him an opportunity to come to UK and he quickly accepted. Brooks said they previously hadn't done the proper evaluation on this youngster but now feel like he's a guy that can come and add some competition the defensive end position.

Tears of Joy
Aaron Boyd's press conference was held in his high school gymnasium before a crowd of about a thousand people. His family got very emotional as he announced his intentions to attend Kentucky. Aaron's brother Shane came in from Arizona, where he had been attending the Super Bowl, for the signing and he too opened up the tear-ducts. Aaron's mother Sherrer, who had on a few occasions been given a hard time for declaring her younger was going to attend UK, was very relieved and happy for her son's decision. There have been a couple of occasions since early fall at a local watering hole, where she has been harassed by local wags for declaring that her son was going to UK. She was ridiculed by said wags saying that Shane was booed by UK fans. Sherrer's retort was, "Shane is making $600,000, how much are you making." Shane Boyd was the backup quarterback on NFL's Houston Texans for the last four games of the season. Aaron and Shane had a brother-to-brother as well as a family powwow that lasted until 3:00 on Tuesday morning.

Team Speed
The Wildcat coaching staff seemed very pleased with the speed they signed in this class. One eye witness, who attended the film session get-together at a local restaurant, attested to that fact. Eric Adeyemi, Randall Cobb, E. J. Fields, and Winston Guy could be on a track team.

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