UK assistant Cyprien discusses Patterson

Kentucky assistant coach Glynn Cyprien dicussed Patrick Patterson in a recent interview with KSR's Larry Vaught. Billy Gillispie's assistant gives us an inside view of how the staff sees Patterson developing.

Patrick Patterson has been so good for Kentucky this season that it's easy to forget he is only a freshman. A double-double has almost become the norm for him and he's impressed everyone who has seen him play.

But is he even better than the UK coaching staff expected?

"He has been unbelievable. He has been one of those guys who I say is a throwback guy," said Kentucky assistant coach Glynn Cyprien. "He listens to a little bit of older music. He likes slow music. Most young guys listen to rap. He is an unbelievable leader and has unbelievable values for a freshman. I think a lot of that is his maturity level for where he is and where he is going to be speaks volumes for his parents.

"I knew he would be a good player, but I never though he would be the total package just like he is. He is just phenomenal. I have not been around a freshman who was a better, more complete player than him. This is my 20th year of college coaching, but I have not seen one guy like that. It says a lot about him, but he works hard every day. He works so hard and it shows on the floor."

The best news for Patterson -- and UK fans -- is that Cyprien sees even more to come from Patterson.

"I don't think he has touched the surface yet of how good he can be. I really believe he is still learning how to play the post and is learning different moves," Cyprien said. "Every day he is bringing something new to the table.

"Physically, he has been able to withstand a whole lot within the SEC and out of the conference. Usually at this time of year, freshmen are really beat up and worn down, but he has gotten stronger as the year has went on. That's very, very rare."

So a year from now, Patterson will be an even better player?

"There is no question he will. He shoots the ball well and is really good around the block," Cyprien said. "I think now he is learning how to get angles. He is learning he can pass out of the post. He is learning how to really pass out of double teams because of what he is seeing. At this point next year, you will see tremendous, tremendous, tremendous improvement out of him."

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