VAUGHT: Temple knows Bradley well

LSU's Garrett Temple has known Kentucky senior guard Ramel Bradley since high school and he's not surprised Bradley has blossomed into one of the Southeastern Conference's best players this year.

"He is a guy that thinks about defense and (coach Billy) Gillispie is real defensive minded. For Ramel, he is strong minded guy. I don't think that it made a difference for him switching to a new coach this year like it might have some players, Temple said. "It may have helped him because he's getting two different views. He had Tubby Smith that showed him some things, and now coach Gillispie might be showing him some things that Tubby didn't.

"Negatively, he might have been used to something different, and not everybody loves change. But it looks like it is a positive change for him and has made him a better player."

The two renew their rivalry Saturday when the Wildcats, who lost by 41 points Tuesday, play at LSU.

"Ramel is a character. I found out at ABCD camp in New Jersey our senior year when we played a little all-star game together," Temple laughed and said. "He is a fun guy to be around, but a tough guy to play against. You have that New York style of play. He might flop on some fouls or talk to you — he likes to talk a lot — but he is a great guy to play against."

Why is that?

"Because I think he really cares about winning. From what I do know about Smooth, he really likes to win a lot. His senior year he is going to go for the gusto. Hopefully we can stop them, but he never gives up," Temple said.

The LSU player knows no matter what, Bradley will be talking.

"He still talks just like he did my freshman year. There is nothing bad about that. It is part of the game. After the game, we still shake hands and are friends. A little talking doesn't hurt anybody, especially when it comes from him," Temple said.

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