Football Recruiting 101

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the football offices of a college football program during recruiting? We'll here is a look at the process of finding the talent that will either make your program a winner or cost the coaching staff their jobs.

For most fans the internet has become a place to follow the recruiting process of their favorite college team. But what happens before signing day seems to be lost as fans have asked how high school players go from prospect to official offer to commitment. Here is a look at the process of a college staff finding and recruiting a player for college football.

Finding the Prospect

Just how does a high school player get noticed? We'll there are many ways as the number of camps and combines have increased over the past several years and the growth of the internet and recruiting sites are at an all-time high.

But the most trusted way for college coaches are the several independent recruiting services who track players either at the national or state level and provide contact information. Two of the most used are the Forbes Report who has people across the country looking at players or the report issued by John McCallister who is a former high school coach who covers Ohio. While the Forbes report can sometimes have the names of players not at the D-1 level, the report issued by McCallister has been proven to have the top prospects from the talent rich state of Ohio.

While some of these reports have changed over the years from written to video the effects are still the same. If you're listed on the McCallister report there is a very good chance you'll receive an offer from a Division One program before the process is over.

For the college football staff these reports give them a quick start to recruiting the next class of athletes. While there is a cost to these reports they have proven to reduce overall cost in locating talent.

The next way a college staff finds a prospect is from the athlete or high school coach. While many feel high school coaches have the responsibility to promote their athletes most don't. That is why paid recruiting services have seen great growth over the years despite the fact parents can do much of what these services can do for less cost.

If done right sending tape to a college can help get the name in front of college coaches. But always remember college coaches have so much more going on than just sitting and watching film. They've got a team to prepare for winter conditioning and the spring season that is just around the corner.

This is where graduate assistant coaches play a key role as they may look at the film before handing it over to the position coach to be viewed.

Look for part two of Football Recruiting 101 later this week. We'll cover more on what happens when a college staff receives video from a prospect.

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