WALKER: Another No. 34 returns to Rupp

John Pelphrey will make his return to Rupp Arena on Saturday, when the Arkansas Razorbacks come to town. Pelphrey's retired jersey is hanging in the rafters atop Cawood's Court, a court he played on during his playing days at Kentucky. Kenny Walker gives his thoughts on Pelphrey's Saturday return to his old stomping grounds.

Another No. 34 comes in here Saturday when former Wildcat John Pelphrey comes back to Rupp Arena with his Arkansas team. I am quite sure that he is going to be overcome with a lot of emotions. When you play here and do things he has accomplished and go on to be a great recruiter and assistant coach, you can fly under the radar. Coming back as head coach of Arkansas, of all places, a team that has good tradition is going to be different.

The fact he played here will help him with the atmosphere. But he will still be overwhelmed. I think the fans are really going to give him a nice reception when he comes in here, as they should because he was such a popular player.

More importantly, he's going to come in here to try and win the game. Of all the teams Kentucky is playing in this home stretch, he is the guy with the best chance to come in here and beat Kentucky.

Kentucky better be ready to play when Arkansas comes in here. If it was any other coach, he might be blown away by all of this. I know how well John Pelphrey will have his team prepared and how much he would like to win this game. It could turn into one of the most entertaining games of the year in Rupp Arena.

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