WALKER: Harris does the little things to win

When the year started, Ramon Harris said he wanted to find his niche as a defensive player. In the last few weeks, he's done more than that as he has settled into a key role for Kentucky.

Not only has he become a solid defensive player, but he's doing all the other little things to help a team win. He's never going to be a prolific scorer, but he's scoring on the fast break, he's getting offensive rebounds and he's getting garbage baskets. His role is to do all those things, and he's embracing that.

He knows he is not the star of the game. Good teams need role players like he has become. He knows that Bradley, Crawford and Patterson are the stars and will score most of the points. He accepts that and does not only what he can to help them, but also what he can to add a few points here and there to help the team.

Obviously Billy Gillispie thinks he is doing a lot of things right because he starts the majority of the games. If Harris wasn't doing all the little things the coach liked, he wouldn't be in there.

Harris has probably improved his overall play as much as anybody on the team this year. He's learned what he can do and what he can't do. I also like the energy he brings. He doesn't seem to take a play off because he knows he can't afford to do that because of the role he has. I've been impressed with what he has added to the team. I am not sure most fans appreciate the little things he has been doing, but I know his teammates obviously do because if you are going to win, you need a guy doing all the little things like he is.

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